carpet cleaning pricingAt Yaeger Rug & Furniture Cleaners the price we quote you is the price that you will pay. No extra charges, no pressure by commissioned cleaning technicians , no hidden charges. Our price is for the best, most complete, all inclusive carpet cleaning that we can provide.  

Our knowledgeable telephone representative will ask you some specific questions regarding your cleaning needs. For carpet cleaning we charge per square foot cleaned, for upholstery cleaning, per linear foot. These are the fairest and most accurate ways to charge. You only pay for what we clean. When you call, give us the sizes (length and width) of the rooms or areas you want cleaned. If you do not want the furniture moved, then only measure the open areas (traffic areas) you would like cleaned. We will compute the square footage and we will give you a price based on your measurements. No need to measure stairs, just tell us how many stairs you have. 

Note: Telephone or email estimates are based on the information you give us, so please, measure accurately.

We will re-measure all areas at the time of cleaning and only charge for the square footage that we actually clean. Of course, if you prefer, an appointment can be made to have one of our Expert Cleaning Technicians give you an on site evaluation of your carpet, upholstery, leather or hardwood floor cleaning needs. Our technician will inspect, measure, determine cleanability, answer your questions and concerns and provide you with an accurate proposal. We will even try to remove a few of your spots and stains, give you a complimentary bottle of spot out, our all purpose spotter, and a quick “How To Spot Clean” lesson.  

Note:Severe odor elimination and Stain Protection are optional and at additional cost.
See our All inclusive carpet cleaning.

  • FREE Spot Out, the best all purpose spot cleaner in the industry, is given to every in-home cleaning client with free refills at our plant for as long as you are our client.
  • FREE Consumer Spot Line, internet access to the best and most practical do-it-yourself spot cleaning information.
  • FREE EMERGENCY – SPOT/SPILL and ODOR HOT LINE. Call 585-671-7390 or email us, we are glad to help. Leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Contact us, we want to answer your questions. An informed customer is our best client. (585) 671-7390 Fax (585) 787-9292

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